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Upcoming Workshops
and Classes

Dr. (Wallace) Iyer leads workshops and classes locally (Asheville, NC) as well as nationally, and a listing of her current schedule is given below. For more information about a specific workshop, or to register for it, click on the appropriate link.



There are no currently scheduled events. Please check this page periodically for the next event.

Individual Session

To schedule an individual session with me: contact me directly.

My focus is mindbodyspirit; in addition, with my background in Internal Medicine, I do tests to rule out things I might be concerned about if someone does not have a primary care doc who has already done all that. I do not do primary care - but will work with primary care docs if either: 1) I find something that needs ongoing primary care attention; or 2) a primary care doc referred to me in the first place.

Workshops by Invitation

Dr. Iyer welcomes inquiries about setting up workshops and speaking opportunities in your location. My fees are simple - a stipend for my teaching; as well as travel expenses: 56 cents per mile by car or airfare if flying, lodging accommodations and all obviously necessary meals related to the event. Please contact her for more informatio.


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