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(2011 - 2013)

December 2013

Busy: Tibetan Dzogchen master Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche describes the shock he experienced when he first came to the United States. Again and again, he heard a strange mantra: ÒIÕm busy.Ó He came to realize that to say ÒIÕm not busyÓ would be construed to mean there was something wrong. Something abnormal...

November 2013

Trusting Ourselves: I had a lovely conversation with a friend recently about “why things happen”. We agreed there is the possibility that things are just random. Stuff happens – and it is our lot to sort out how we’ll respond, given this or that in our lives...

October 2013

Process: I’ve been through quite a process. After moving to the East Coast, I went on what seemed like a continual long-term hunt for a new home for my husband and me. Not “new” necessarily, but new to us. We imagined it being the place where we would settle in for the long haul and grow old together...

September 2013

The Original Sin: I used to think that my mother disliked me. I had blamed myself for all our mutual shortcomings from the beginning of time as I knew it. Of course. It was what she taught me was true. Part of the religious necessity of our growing up included finding the Òfaults of the weekÓ we had to confess...

August 2013

Listening: Being heard is one of the things we most want. It seems though, perhaps because most of us are more eager to be listened TO than to actually listen, we don’t do a very good job at it. Our craving is that big. It is not unusual in relationships for one or both persons to feel “not heard”...

July 2013

Ego: There is some confusion, I think, about the definition of "ego". Psychology, as a field, has stressed for some time the need to develop a strong ego -- a sense of self identification -- as a major component for a healthy psyche...

June 2013

Shame: Shame is the base and core of nearly every unkind thing I've done in my life. I may recognize a first layer -- of loneliness, fear, anger, feeling slighted or whatever...

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March 2013

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Dec-Jan 2012

Being at Peace where we are

Oct-Nov 2011

What do we to do when we've lost our temper and said or done things that were hurtful?

Aug-Sep 2011

What is it about anger that makes us so badly want to be free of it?

June-July 2011

When teaching Mindful Eating classes, I always pose the question: "Why do you eat?"

April-May 2011

Sibling relations

March 2011

Spring - death and rebirth

February 2011

Nuances of the seasons

January 2011

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