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Mindbody Consultant

We know our mind affects our body- it really almost goes without saying. What we often don’t know is how our particular mind is influencing our one unique singular experience in life. When we’re caught in the middle of the trap of our own thinking it is particularly difficult to break out of the morass enough to see exactly the things we most need to see. This is true whether we’re discussing individuals or organizations.

Enter a helpful guide – one who listens well and deeply and who gives you the feedback you need to hear.

Former clients of Dr. (Wallace) Iyer have said:

“My goodness – I am so honored that you have taken so much time to address my plea. I arrived home late last night after 10.5 hours of solid driving. --- At any rate, I am honored beyond words at this gift you have given me. I will put it to good use. I hope you can find a way to share all this wisdom with others –”

“Thank you so much -- I do so appreciate your taking time to offer words of wisdom.----, thank you again. I will "read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest" -- and hope I will be able to use what you have given me.” DS

“Enabled me to see ‘me’. I’m beginning to see what and who I am, and ‘me’ is not bad. I didn’t realize I had the ability within myself to help myself as much as I have. ---- This enables me to put into words my fears without hesitation. – I feel like I’m important. -- No judgment. This is so much above and beyond the traditional counseling. This is spontaneous, from knowledge and confidence that your counselor brings to you. Dr. Wallace is an entity unto herself. I needed help coping with numerous health problems. There is just something about her – when I leave that problem is almost gone. This is making my life so much easier.” JS

“I need to tell you how grateful I am to have had the benefit of attending the employee retreat last Saturday.  The world is a busy place and it is quite easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of the rush of daily activities.  -- Dr. Wallace then took us to a deeper meditation and gave us a chance to fully reflect upon our lives and allow ourselves time to think in a peaceful, quiet, safe environment.  It was a time for an individual to reflect and rejuvenate.  This retreat gave me a chance to retreat and return to myself.   To be a  This benefit helps me be a better employee.  I've been with Good Samaritan for 14 years this October. This is one of my most treasured benefits. -- and Thank you Dr. Wallace". 

Mary Ann Iyer, MD has provided counsel for individual and organizations for two decades. Her extensive training (MD, MA in Psychology, Jin Shin Do and other training) provides you a very good helpmate in your quest to more deeply understand what makes you tick (or sick, if that is the case).

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