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Meditations - LISTEN TO DR. (WALLACE) Iyer

You are invited to listen to this growing collection of audio clips, from guided meditation CDs by Dr. (Wallace) Iyer and workshops given by Dr. (Wallace) Iyer.

All talks on this page are available for download and distribution free of charge as a service by Dr. (Wallace) Iyer.

Guided Meditations

Finding your Innocence

Click the PDF button for the Breaking Patterns article.

Download "Finding your Innocence" MP3 File

Service from Center
A talk and meditation given at Unity Church, Corvallis, OR. The Introduction includes excerpts of Dr. (Wallace) Iyer's book, The Heart of Healing. The Meditation is a full-length unedited meditation, followed by the Talk. This talk focuses on insights to support "true service, which emanates from the center of our hearts in such a way that we are all nourished in the process. Doer and receiver disappear in such a formula, and we are all the blessed recipients of Divine Grace".

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Basic Meditation: Audio Excerpts From Dr. (Wallace) Iyer's Guided Meditation CD.

MP3 Download "Basic Meditation"

Healing the Wounds of the Pain: Audio Excerpts From Dr. (Wallace) Iyer's Guided Meditation CDs

MP3 Download "Healing the Wounds of the Pain"

Deep Relaxation - A guided meditation

This guided meditaiton CD is availlable for free download as a service to you by Dr. Wallace. Feel free to share this with others who you think can benefit from this.

Journaling Meditations

Opening up the Tension

MP3 Download "Opening up the Tension"

Good Enough Exercise

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MP3 Download "Good Enough Exercise"

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