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Talks and Lectures - LISTEN TO DR. (WALLACE) Iyer

You are invited to listen to this growing collection of audio clips, recorded from workshops and public presentations given by Dr. (Wallace) Iyer.

All talks on this page are available for download and distribution free of charge as a service by Dr. Iyer.

Her popular and effective guided meditation CDs are available for purchase on the Books & CDs page.

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What does "Mindbody" mean?
A talk given by Dr. Iyer on February 29th, 2012 to employees of DDS in Salem, OR. Live and unedited.


Talk & Book Signing - Corvallis, OR
At Fireworks Restaurant in Corvallis, Dr. (Wallace) Iyer gives an overview of the background and themes of Mindful Eating - Mindful Life (32:15).

Service from Center
A talk and meditation given at Unity Church, Corvallis, OR in 2009. The Introduction includes excerpts of Dr. (Wallace) Iyer's book, The Heart of Healing. The Meditation is a full-length unedited meditation, followed by the Talk. This talk focuses on insights to support "true service, which emanates from the center of our hearts in such a way that we are all nourished in the process. Doer and receiver disappear in such a formula, and we are all the blessed recipients of Divine Grace".




Meditation (4:52)


Talk (20:22)


A comment from Dr. Wallace's
Mindful Eating classes:

“I now eat with more aliveness. Thank you for helping me to open up to the reason I eat!”

And, after reading the book,
another participant:

“Wow! You really got down to the bones of it all! Reading this book, I could feel myself going through class again and hearing you as I read … Honors to you

"Love every facet of life. Love even your resistance. From this place of peace, no harm can be done to you or by you. You know that every act of life is simply a nuance of the dance."

– From The Heart of Healing,
by Mary Ann Wallace, M.D.