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We are deeply dedicated to preserving our natural environment and being gentle with the Earth who sustains us. A portion of all proceeds from the sale of these items goes to support the following: NW Earth Institute, Union of Concerned Scientists, Linn Benton Food Share

Mindful Eating – Mindful Life
How to Change the Habits That Sabotage Your Health
ublished in 2010, this ground-breaking new book offers fresh, life-changing perspectives on our relationship with food. [More...]

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$19.95 + Shipping

The Heart of Healing
Embracing Your Mindbody as the Path to Spiritual Awakening
In this inspiring and transformative book, Dr. Wallace suggests that instead of waging war on the symptoms of disease, we embrace a new approach to illness.  She invites us to view our health challenges as a vibrant form of communication from the most fundamental aspect of who we are. By focusing awareness on our moment-to-moment physical experience, we begin to notice lifelong limiting mental patterns. As these patterns release their hold, we awaken to our True Selves. The Heart of Healing offers a new vocabulary, illuminating explanations, and suggested exercises that assist this inner transformation.



$18.75 + Shipping

Mindfulness Meditation
By awakening to the habituated thought patterns that grip us, and realizing that they are illusory, we find the freedom of true peace of mind.  Mindfulness meditation is one way we can enter that state of deep peace.  This CD provides both a clear background description of the technique of Mindfulness meditation and an excellent guided meditation to help one deepen in this practice.



$15.00 + Shipping

Forgiveness as Healing
Forgiveness is the key for release of so many forms of inner bondage.  The freedom we feel by not hanging on to old angers and hurts melts the suffering in our own beings. This CD helps you traverse the tricky path from the point of intention (wanting to forgive) to accomplishment (completing the act of forgiveness).   A guided meditation set against a background of soothing music, it takes you where you long to go - to freedom from guilt, remorse and anger.



$12.50 + Shipping

Basic Meditations
The three tracks of this CD provide a nourishing environment for deep healing by inviting the listener to open to (a) the Elements, (b) our Heart Flame, and (c) the Breath of Life.  The combination of guided imagery and soothing music carry the listener into reflective spaces which are deeply relaxing, nourishing and transformative in the most fundamental ways.

Listen to an excerpt:



$12.50 + Shipping

Beyond Pain Relief
The relaxation evoked by Dr. Wallace's guided meditation, enhanced by soothing background music, provides the listener with an invitation to move beyond pain to its inherent message of deep release and understanding.  True healing occurs when we embrace the wisdom of our deepest self, and pain can be the doorway to that place.  This CD carries you there.



$12.50 + Shipping

Healing the Wounds of the Past
By revisiting the parts of our history when we felt hurt in deep ways, we discover the erroneous messages we accepted about ourselves from those times. Awareness of these messages opens a path to the amazing freedom we experience in their full release and in the recognition of who we really are without them. Dr. Wallace provides a supportive presence to aid you on this courageous journey.

Listen to an excerpt:



$12.50 + Shipping

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2 Books + 5 CDs


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A comment from Dr. Wallace's
Mindful Eating classes:

“I now eat with more aliveness. Thank you for helping me to open up to the reason I eat!”

And, after reading the book,
another participant:

“Wow! You really got down to the bones of it all! Reading this book, I could feel myself going through class again and hearing you as I read … Honors to you!”

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